Thursday, 15 January 2015

The one new year's resolution every feminist needs.

Ah January, that special time of year when the pressure of maintaining perfection is cranked up to eleven by the ubiquitous phrase, "so what's your new year's resolution?". By this weekend most people will have given up on whatever Spartan regime they've adopted. Women are no strangers to the excessive pressure of "must do" lists - at this time of year we create our own so we can be haunted by our own failure for the rest of the year.

Let's make 2015 the moment for a new year's revolution. At Reclaim the Night Finn Mackay reminded us that "feminism is for life, not just the Internet." The Internet is a great space for activism, but our activism shouldn't begin and end on the web. (Yes, I recognise the irony of a blogger preaching against armchair activism.) As a fellow HussPost writer pointed out, like him or loathe him, at least Russell Brand actually gets out there and makes a racket. Can those responsible for the endless think-pieces on the latest feminist on-dit say the same?

Your new year's revolution starts here. Become a member of the Fawcett society and help them raise awareness of the gender gap. Join your local Fawcett society group to find out about feminist activism in your area. If you're in London, join the London Feminist Network and keep in the loop about gatherings at the Feminist Library. Support one of the thousands of feminist charities across the world - volunteer at a rape crisis centre or a female adult literacy class.

Support feminism in the arts. On the rare occasion that a film is directed by, or stars, a woman - make sure you go. Don't let the industry maintain the excuse that men are more bankable stars. Last year films with female leads made some significant dosh. We need to make sure this trend continues. Feminists hold exhibitions, put on plays, do stand up comedy... If you call yourself a feminist get out there and support those women who are pushing their way into the male-dominated arts and entertainment industries. Surrounding yourself with creative, like-minded women is going to do far more for your emotional wellbeing this year than sticking to a diet of beetroot and kale smoothies and promising to clean the shower twice a week.

In 2015, let's take feminism back onto the streets. Let's swap resolution for revolution. It's going to be a good year.  


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