Sunday, 29 September 2013

No Boys Allowed?

Women-only spaces are certainly a bone of contention and plenty of men and women are opposed to their presence in feminism. After all, if feminism is pro-equality and anti-gender stereotyping, surely it's a little hypocritical to introduce gender segregation? Female-only spaces can be alienating to men and women alike who consequently shy away from a feminism that seems unwelcoming and uncompromising. In making use of women-only spaces is feminism shooting itself in the foot by falling into all the negative stereotypes surrounding it? Perhaps. Women-only spaces are pretty much catnip to those who want to paint feminism as a selfish, obstinate dogma. So, when it comes to women-only spaces, does feminism finally reveal its true nature as an insidious plot to establish a global gynocratic supremacy? Or are there legitimate reasons which might necessitate their use?

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