Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas gifts for her*

 *If by her you mean an independent-minded individual with her own unique interests and a passing interest in feminism.

It’s that time of year again: the time when we’re bombarded with asinine ‘gift sets’ on the shelves of every supermarket and Boots (who buys a loofah and tube of body lotion that costs £15??) and in the pages of every newspaper, lazily collated according to ‘category of people’.  

Our society makes a lot of noise about individualism, but come December 1st we are suddenly defined by gender, age, or by single interests (gifts for ‘arty people’, gifts for ‘science buffs’).  I personally believe that an individual personality can just about cope with the contradictions of being simultaneously interested in art and politics without fracturing into a million confused pieces. 

HussPost’s Number One tip for Christmas gift giving is honour the individual.  Which is a vaguely fortune-cookie way of saying that gift-giving is all about identifying what the person themselves likes and buying accordingly - something our wonderful readership surely already know. To counter the endless stream of adverts implying that all women want for Christmas is perfume, jewellery, expensive skincare products, and perhaps a few items for the household, we've handily collated some alternative gift choices for the feminist in your life. Oh, and there are no ‘must-buys’ here - unless you are literally talking about food or life-saving medicines, nothing MUST be bought.  Stick that in your consumerist pipe and smoke it, women’s magazines. 

Or pretty much any from Feminist Apparel, though I thought the parents might balk at my first choice, the ‘Feminist as F**k’ Christmas jumper.


If you love dystopian fiction while having a soft spot for feminist undercurrents (of course you do) this 2009 Hugo-prize winning novel by Paolo Bacigalupi delivers a gripping narrative in which female characters play a decisive role. Perfect for curling up with in between Christmas lunch and Doctor Who.

This Feminist Reunion of the Socialist League poster is even in a festive red. Who says socialism and the season of rampant consumerism don't mix?

For all your new year travels to international feminist conventions. 

The perfect feminist stocking filler... 

For the technology-loving feminist.  


For those of you who want to feel like you’re making a positive difference to the world at this ‘time of giving’ (well, a different kind of positive to the happiness created by receiving a feminist gift…) You also get a free chocolate goat with any Oxfam Unwrapped order.  (On a side-note, I feel the goat is generally, and unjustly, overlooked when it comes to use as a chocolate shape).

This subversively comic collection of essays feels like the perfect Boxing Day Morning reading with a cup of coffee and/or glass of bubbly, for later conversational dissection over bubble-and-squeak.

Not specifically feminist in nature, but helps to fuel the tipsy conversations on smashing the patriarchy. 

Pro-tip for those of us with more EastEnders than East India budgets - apparently a test taste with a gin expert found that an Aldi’s £9.65 was just as good as some of the much more expensive brands, and knocked the socks off other more expensive supermarket versions. 

Merry Christmas Hussies!


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