Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Don't be a sad lonely feminist - meet some feminist friends at the Feminism in London conference!!

It can get lonely being a sad angry feminazi, sitting in your house full of cats and weeping into your keyboard. Three cheers then for rousing feminist get togethers!

On Thursday, some Huss Post writers headed over to FiLia's Art of Feminism in London exhibition for a night of ranting and repurposed sanitary towels. We drank wine with loads of fab women, watched some public rants, and etched misogynistic insults into an old school table. I hate to use the overused 'E' word but there's no other words for it: it was empowering. The exhibition is in support of our awesome friends over at the Feminism in London conference which happens this weekend.

Every feminist needs a bit of group-support now and then - just a reminder that you're not flying solo in your fight against the patriarchy! So grab your gal' pals and head over to the Feminism in London conference this weekend for some group feminist peace and love. There's loads of awesome stuff happening - from workshops on protest art to self-defence sessions. The day builds up to a big afterparty in the basement, so get your Riot Grrrl self ready to bust some moves on the dancefloor. Huss Post will be out in force covering the event - we can't wait to see some of you there!

The Feminism in London Conference is on the 25th of October. Details here

Tickets are £30 or £15 concessions. 


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